Saturday, May 16, 2009

Modern Travel

Whew! I am sitting in a very strange hotel. My flight to San Francisco was delayed on the runway for about five hours due to bad weather and I missed my connecting flight. Northwest put us up in the Ramada Inn next the the Mall of America. The hotel has  a native American Indian theme and all the meeting rooms have native names and the decor is supposed to reflect that. It is not particularly respectful, but perhaps I ought not to say that. It is simply bizarre. The positives are a great looking pool ( but I have no suitcase and no bathing suit and it is two am and I have to return to the airport in a few hours) and free internet! The positives about the flight were great seat companions, who kept me entertained for the hours and hours of waiting, and lots of legroom in the exit row.

I set up four alarms to be sure to wake up in time, I will miss my first course at the meeting tomorrow, but I have all the reading material online if I can't sleep tonight. I will try to sleep.....

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