Saturday, May 23, 2009

Planning Our Move

Friday May 22

It is super late and I am finally in bed after another long long hike up and down a mountain. I realize that I can walk for as long and as far as anyone, but I am not in the best shape and I could certainly feel the effort today. I was asking my legs and my heart to do far more than usual. The view was wonderful and the company of my sister and my niece delightful.

My brother in law had many questions for me this evening. He asked about our budget while in Ecuador (do we have a budget?). He asked what we do if things go wrong, what sort of resources we have there, what we do if we have a medical emergency, if there is a political crisis or economic disaster, what we do if there is a natural disaster. I had no good answers for him and realize that I am going on blind faith, that I am expecting Eric to take care of everything and I am not questioning anything.

We are moving to Ecuador without much planned. We are 'winging' it. I am not sure that is wise or prudent, but I realize that we have been busy just trying to get out of Baltimore and get our house rented without really thinking beyond that. Or maybe it is me that is not thinking or planning and depending entirely on Eric for too much.

I will have to think more systematically through this.

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