Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Home Again

When I travel, I am forced to relax. I cannot go anywhere, I cannot do much, so I try to sleep, I read, I think. In my ordinary life,which starts in a few hours, there is no time to think or read or relax. Except that my life will no longer be ordinary. I will continue to wind down my practice during the next few weeks, make sure my house comes together, finalize all the details for Maya and her new school, help Tara with her plans, and organize our departure for Ecuador.

I have been up for almost 24 hours, I am hoping Tara will meet me at the airport and that I can close my eyes in the car and wake up in my bed, except that I will have to wash clothes and organize myself for a full day tomorrow at the office. I have checked messages already , and because I have referred so many patients to my colleagues, I am not inundated as usual. It feels odd that my practice has a life of its own and appears to be moving forward without me. I once thought myself as indispensable.

Tara was lost in DC so I had to guide her (the blind leading the blind) to the airport, and tried to stay awake all the way home, to make sure we returned safely. Such a wild three days, odd how I feel absolutely at home in my bed; Tara is watching the final episode of 'Lost', I am reading my email and going through my piles of mail. Have I really been so far away? Maya is asleep curled up in her bed, Eric is carpet cleaning in Tara's room, the house looks much as I left it, life goes on, as if I have not been thousands of miles away.

Ecuador is only weeks away. We move forward.

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