Tuesday, May 5, 2009


We have our first house showing Thursday. Of course the house is not ready for any visitors yet; when I heard the news I was furious. I absolutely do not want ANYONE to buy my house and I am offended that things have gone so far. Eric texted me and then I heard from the real estate agent and I found myself getting more and more agitated until Eric informed me it was for a rental and I was somewhat relieved. I still want no one to see my house or live in my house or buy my house or even rent my house. I know I am unreasonable. But I realize again that my resistance to organizing and cleaning is not pure laziness; I do not want to give my house up. That aside, the house is close to being ready.

Eric left for Montreal this morning for a conference and he sounds very happy driving through New Jersey and New York. He likes this meeting in the middle of nowhere with a bunch of scientists drinking beer and celebrating electric fish. And I am sure he is happy not to be home packing up boxes and transferring our lives to the storage unit. We have been spending each evening, including Friday and Saturday nights, until 2 or 3 in the morning for weeks and weeks cleaning and packing up the house. I plan to make an escape next week; this is Eric's escape. A cleaning company is coming tomorrow night to add the final touches. I am sure the man was not joking but I laughed anyway when he said that our house would be easy to clean if it did not have so much stuff in it; this is after we have removed boxes and boxes of excess 'stuff'.

Anyway, it is almost over, this agonizing process of packing up our lives. I really believe the end is in sight. I wonder what life will be like when I can come home and relax, watch TV, read a book, hang out as a family, talk to friends and family, just be normal. I am not sure I know what that is like. I wonder if I will just take on another project and be obsessed with it and find that with more time I have no time or less time to live life and relax. Anyway I am looking forward to this wonderful future of ours when I do not have this endless list to attend to.

My next project is learning Spanish. I get by now, but I want to be fluent. And I want Maya to learn as much as she can before we fly off. So that is the next agenda. Lots and lots of Spanish videos and books and computer programs and more. We will no longer speak English in our home. It will be Spanish or nothing. What fun!

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