Friday, December 18, 2009

Shopping and Music

Folkloric Dance

I scheduled today to be a shopping day, and armed with my list and a determination to bargain, I walked across Carolina Park to a line of kiosks with Otavaleno vendors and negotiated and spent my money until there was none left. I feel accomplished and have whittled down my list so that I believe I will in fact finish by the time we leave. Hurrah!

I was sidetracked today by music. Maya had her school winter concert and played the first movement of Mozart's Concerto in G Major. She was confident and played beautifully and had her own cheering section urging her on. She also played in an ensemble with a rock group, several classical guitars and keyboards and a group of violinists. I have decided that she must play more rock and roll, to round out her musical education. I had alot of fun watching her!

Maya Playing Rock Music!!!

I took the Ecovia to the Centro Historico because I had seen all sorts of shops with potential for Christmas presents, but when I arrived around 3 PM the skies opened up and I dashed into the Teatro Sucre to find shelter. I found myself at a Christmas concert. The orchestra was comprised of guitars, Andean flutes, a huge xylophone, a base and recorders. A chorus of children joined a woman and often the entire audience, singing wonderful songs that I am hearing quite regularly through the Christmas season. None of the carols were in any way similar to the ones I know in English. It was rather amazing to hear Christmas songs so entirely different from the ones I know. When I left the theatre, it was still raining, and the stores were full of people Christmas shopping and trying to stay out of the rain. I wandered around a bit, trying to stay under balconies and keep from getting soaked, but my shopping expedition sort of fizzled and I will have to return again.

Andean Orchestra

Music was happening all over the Centro Historico. A stage was set up on the Plaza Sucre with a 'Karaoke' theme and a demonstration for world peace. Men on stilts with flags about world peace marched around Plaza Grande. A rock band was blasting away in front of San Domingo. Later a folkloric dance troupe performed at the Archbishop's Palace, mostly pasillos and pasacalles, which I am beginning to feel more familiar with. It felt as if the city was breathing music today, and I felt lucky to be part of the show.

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