Saturday, December 12, 2009

Party Party Party

Happy Birthday

Girls Playing Twister

I had doubts that having Maya's birthday party in our tiny little space without specific entertainment and children who did not all know each other. I wanted desperately for Maya to have a wonderful birthday experience, and was at a loss when she told me she did not want to invite anyone from her school, that she didn't want to plan her party, that she wanted me to surprise her. I invited a few children I knew from Einstein and some children of the Canadian women I know, and most everybody came. We set up 'Monopoly' and 'Twister' and 'Uno' and 'Pick Up Sticks', and the children moved from one game to another. They smashed a piƱata with a machete, untwisted loud streamer and confetti bombs, so that we were kneedeep in coloured paper for the rest of the party. We ate pizza and cake and we smashed Maya's face into one cake and then the children dove into the smashed cake and ate half of it.

Confetti Bombs
Unwrapping Presents

Everyone seemed happy and engaged and Maya held herself together and Eric and I beamed. We will be cleaning out confetti from every corner of our apartment for several weeks! I was content to see Maya smiling and sure to remember this day!

Ecuadorian Customs

When Maya's fiesta wound down, we headed for the next party. We were asked to arrive after 8. I was surprised to see so many children out so late. Maya had woken up early today for a rehearsal with an accompanist and then performed in a concert, came home to get ready for her guests, and then went wild for four hours. It was truly too much to ask of her to stay out late, so I shocked our hostess when I told her it was time to go before 11. Ecuadorians are accustomed to staying up late. Children don't seem to go to bed early at all. They were all running around with all sorts of energy. We were the true party poopers, except that the Canadian ambassador and his wife and daughter left at the same time.

Girls Watching 'Twilight'

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