Friday, December 25, 2009

Last Day of Christmas

Santa Claus Came Last Night

I wondered what Quiteños were doing today. They would have gotten together as families for a big meal last night, and being the last night of the novena, they would have gone to church to have their little baby Jesus' blessed. I am sure midnight mass would have been on the agenda. I believe everything goes back to normal after that, until New Years, when they create huge puppets and consequently burn them. I wanted very much to be in Quito for Año Nuevo, but we will create our own 'muñecas' for our celebration here.

Our holiday celebration includes three meals of importance; Christmas Eve dinner, and Christmas Day breakfast and dinner. My family opens presents on the 24th and Eric's does it on the 25th, so we planned a few presents on the eve and more in the morning. Fish is served Christmas Eve and there are all sorts of choices for Christmas Day, but turkey was the chosen meal this year, so I had an opportunity to cook a 25 pound turkey with all the trimmings, in a real oven and a huge kitchen with all the kitchen utensils and pots needed. It was fun to cook and the results were wonderful. I am enjoying this kitchen and everything that has been possible. The kitchen is a mess however. I keep everything on the counter so that I will be able to find the ingredient when I want it, so all food, pots and pans are visible, and the kitchen looks like a tornado whirled through it.

Maya Gets a Computer

Too much work, too much time on my feet, too much time cooking. But the combination of food and guests was consistently positive and rewarding and although I am feeling tired, I am also feeling very accomplished.

Sun Sets

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