Monday, December 21, 2009

Back in the USA

Driving by the Stadium

It has not taken long for Quito to become 'home', so it feels that we are abandoning what is familiar for the unknown. I spent half the night packing, woke up early, packed some more, brought our presents to the guards and had my morning cappuccino before the 'apagones' started, and we all squeezed into a miniature taxi, with bags between us and on our laps to wade through the morning traffic to the airport. Everything went smoothly, except that we had to fly to Guayaquil, go through security again and wait for the connection to Miami, but traveling is calming for me. I have so little control over anything that happens, so I just enjoy the time I have to read and relax. Aerogal treated us well (the food was edible!), and I got through customs in Miami without incident. I am accustomed to being diverted to 'the pen' where I have waited hours and hours to be processed through immigration, often missing my connecting flight. This time, however, coming in with Eric made a difference, and I had my fingerprints checked to ensure I matched my green card, so I was spared the demoralizing experience in the 'special' room for suspicious travelers.

Past the Plaza de Toros

Ecuadorians Like their Extreme Sports

Bye to Metrobus

Miami airport has no redeeming qualities, except that I enjoyed the bathroom where there was ample toilet paper and toilet covers and I could actually sit on the toilet rather than hover over it, and I could throw the toilet paper down the toilet and everything flushed away as I stood up. What a relief! I will enjoy public bathrooms as much as possible while I am here.

We decided to celebrate Christmas at St. Pete Beach in Florida. Eric's family lives there, and my parents are delighted to escape from minus 40 degree weather in Edmonton. My sister is sailing in the Caribbean over the holidays and will join us closer to New Year's. I am hoping that Tara is flying from Italy to surprise us. I am looking forward to lots of Christmas baking and walks on the beach and catching up and relaxing. I am a little regretful that we will miss the wild snowstorm in the east; I do like a white Christmas.

Arrival in Miami

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