Wednesday, December 30, 2009


Sun Going Down

Another perfect day in paradise, but warmer and sunnier and a wonderful day for a boatride and a fruitless attempt at fishing. Eric's grandfather, Gil, and his wife Mary invited us out on their small but powerful motorboat, and Eric, Maya and I along with my father, joined them. I love being on the water; every year my birthday gift is sailing for the day. I cannot imagine a place I would rather be on my birthday but on a sailing vessel. Every other time out on a boat is a bonus.

The' Tortuga'

I am unsettled by the incredible wealth I see all around me. Perhaps I am sensitive to it because of the months in Ecuador, where despite living very simply and often at barely a subsistence level, we are so much better off than most, with so many choices and possibilities. In the United States, people have so much, in comparison to the average Eucadorian. I am not so aware of our limitations when I am in Ecuador, but visiting southern Florida forces me to be more cognizant of our place in the world.


Spending time in Ecuador has changed the way I look at the world around me. I am more observant, I pay more attention to the flora and fauna. Here, there are ospreys along the highway, perched on lightposts; there are herons and pelicans and roadrunners on the beach, cormorants on posts in the water. I am astonished at how much wildlife l see, and how much more is visible to me with each subsequent visit. I am curious about Florida and would like to explore the Everglades and the surrounding areas. Tara and I took a sunset stroll along the beach where the seagulls and pelicans dominated. We watched the sun go down in a bright fiery display and caught up on girltalk. Today is the calm before the storm. Monica arrives tomorrow with her husband and two children after a week of sailing in the Carribbean, and we have parties and celebrations planned over the next few days, which I am looking forward to.


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