Saturday, April 11, 2009

Raining Cats and Dogs

It rained all night and most of the day. When I ventured out my umbrella turned inside out and disassembled, suddenly a sheet of nylon and random spokes, and I became wet. I had left the children alone in the hotel room to find vinegar for egg-dyeing. I had to leave them again later to find more eggs. Maya and Belina were very enthusiastic about their eggs and would have coloured more than the four dozen if they had more eggs. The Easter bunny has been made aware of our current location, so will visit us in our apartment hotel off Time Square tomorrow.

I don't believe I have ever spent a whole day in a hotel room in New York, but with the incessant rain, and my concerns about keeping Maya calm and energetic, we did not leave until we were expected at the concert hall for rehearsal. Except to buy beef kebabs and hot dogs at the stand down the road. I was amazed at the tourists in Time Square, still in droves despite the rain and wind.

Maya practiced violin, but seemed fine, so I did not want to push her. She looked so tired after the late nights on this trip. I had asked how to prepare her for her concert and was told to be sure she slept long hours and was well rested, which I have not done. After our late night at ''Blithe Spirit', I tried to insist that Belina and Maya remain in bed 'til 8, and was almost successful. They were so excited about dyeing Easter eggs that they were especially compliant, and continued to make efforts to please all morning. They were stir-crazy by the afternoon, but not eager to walk in the rain. They did not sleep when I asked them to nap, but why I would expect them to nap, when Maya at least never naps, does not make sense. In the end, Maya did well at her concert. She was remarkable, as were all the other winners. I am amazed at these children who can mount the stage and hold it together through their pieces. They were all so impressive! I am so proud of Maya!

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