Sunday, April 12, 2009

Home From New York

The day was sunny but cold, excessively so when waiting in the TKTS lines to get tickets for 'The little Mermaid'. The children woke up early to search for eggs, all 42 of them that were hidden in nooks and crannies all over the hotel room. There were chocolate eggs and chocolate bunnies and more, and Tara joined in as well. Maya, Belina, Eric and I had all slept in the same bed. The children were exhausted after the long concert, and Eric after his five hour long bus ride from Baltimore. I was squeezed between Maya and Eric and slept very little, but watched Maya while she moved in every direction and wiggled out from under the covers repeatedly. When I suggested the children stay with Tara in her dorm room, they were very excited and so was Tara, but after the performance, both Belina and Maya were exhausted and irritable, and idea of a night in a college dorm was less alluring.

We did make it to St Patrick's Cathedral for Easter Mass. The massive crowd in front of the church was a little scary, but we pushed through and stood for the service. It was the shortest, most efficient mass I had experienced, but I guess it served its purpose. We were ushered out quickly and there was another huge crowd outside the church waiting for the next one. New Yorkers were parading outside the church in their elaborate Easter hats, some with bizarre and colourful costumes, posing for photographs and strutting about.

We had hardly enough time to eat and get to the theatre. Tara had complained bitterly about the choice of a Disney show, but was laughing and smiling throughout the musical. I was sitting four seats away from Eric, but checked to make sure he was not sleeping though it all, and I did not catch him snoring. The children were delighted and the show was entertaining and inventive.

The drive home was tedious. The traffic was horrible, I guess everyone was driving back from a long weekend away...but we arrived home safely. There is still much work to be done on the house. I am getting more anxious about getting it rented or sold. I think that Eric and I have managed to avoid getting the work done. There are so many other priorities and distractions. Perhaps we are both ambivalent about the house and both find reasons and excuses not to do what has to be done. We will be gone in three months!!!!!

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