Friday, April 9, 2010

Life Moves On

Morning Coffee Shop

Despite all the fears and anxieties, live inexorably moves forward. The alarm buzzes at 6, Maya gets ready for school, we need to refuel and take care of business. I followed Eric around (much like a puppydog). He was looking for an antenna to amplify the cell phone signal at Yanayacu so that the internet would work faster and more consistently. We went to the 'Porta' store (the main cell phone provider), the Sony store, Mega Kywi (massive hardware store much like a Home Depot), Ferrisariato (alternative hardware plus everything else needed for the home), Superpaco (all you need for computer and papers), computer stores, television stores, and more than one Radioshack. Most sales personnel had no idea what Eric was talking about, or if they did, they were unable to help us and suggested we go to the next store on our list. Eric had planned to leave for Yanayacu by 1 PM, but was clearly reluctant to go and leave his very emotional wife home alone. He finally dragged himself away at 6, for the very long and winding road to the cloud forest.

Typical winter has come to Quito. Usually between November and April, it rains almost every afternoon, and can get oppressive after a while. Instead, we have been enjoying a drought this past year, with wonderful and very much appreciated sunshine all day every day, until this past week. Maya and I have been drenched every day. The rains have been torrential in the rainforest and on the coast, with floods and loss of homes and lives. The hydroelectric dam, which was empty for months so that we had 'apagones' (blackouts) daily, is now overflowing. The rain certainly keeps me inside and safe and makes it easier to live this quiet uneventful life that has been prescribed.

I have been busy researching my 'condition', making skype calls, emailing friends, asking questions, working toward a decision, trying to keep the terror at bay.

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