Thursday, January 8, 2009

Visiting Quito

It was school visiting day today. Public schools are not an option because they are crowded and will not meet my daughter's needs. I am insisting that she is immersed in Spanish. Unfortunately the good schools here focus on English language education and most classes are taught in English. So that narrows things down. More schools tomorrow. Maya will need to be tested to determine which level she will be enrolled in. Imagine, the schools invariably do not think much of American education and are suggesting she will have to go back a grade or two!!!!!

The students had a more interesting day. The museum at the Banco Central is full of Pre-Columbian and Incan pieces, so it was a good introduction to Ecuador.. They walked through the old town and visited all the amazing churches. We met for a yummy lunch at the 'Bambu' Restaurant and the group then visited CENIT, the charity which the course is connected to. The students brought gifts and a phamacy I work closely with sent along gargantuan quantities of medications. The day was alternately cloudy and rainy and hot and sunny. When they were to view the city at the Panacillo, nothing was visible. The group travels to Galapagos tomorrow and Maya and I continue our school search.

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