Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Traveling to Ecuador

Such a long day. Finally at our hotel, the Sierra Madre, in Quito. Exhausted. A rather uneventful day...waiting in buses, planes, airports, custom lines, baggage claims. Of course a bag was lost, that happens every year. So far no passports misplaced, no students forgotten. Everyone is enthusiastic and excited. We will tour Quito tomorrow with the students, but my husband and daughter and I will also visit a school, check out the music conservatory and the ballet school, visit areas and appartments, and see a lawyer. We have more schools to visit Friday.... and when the students fly to the Galapagos, I will remain in Quito the three days to further explore and plan for our eventual life in this country.

I am not sure this move is quite real to me. I am not ready to leave my life behind. I am going along with this. I wonder when it will feel tangible and certain.

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