Friday, January 9, 2009

Not Going to the Galapagos

The students woke up early to catch a plane to the Galapagos. I wish we were going with them. Staying in Quito and looking for schools and apartments is not proving to be much fun.

Our school search is complicated. There are wonderful schools, but the focus is mostly about teaching the children to speak English. I want Maya to learn Spanish, so that narrows the choice down, but none of the schools I have visited is quite right. Of course that is no different at home in Baltimore. I guess I just want everything to be easy.

I have decided where to live -- an area called Gonzales Suarez. I believe it is convenient to both universities (I will try to get a teaching position at San Francisco de Quito and my husband is at PUCE-- I am not sure what that stands for but one of the words is Catolica).

I am trying to imagine myself living here. It feels so foreign and I am entirely out of place. I look like a gringo and will always look like a gringo, even when my Spanish is better. Maya will do better. I think once she is fluent, she can pass for a local. If my 19 year old decides to join us, she too, with her long blonde hair and remarkable presence, will no doubt be a novelty whenever she ventures out. I think she will like that. I am looking for opportunities for her. I spoke with the manager of a travel company and he believes he can find something for her. The other option for her is to attend the University here.

I keep forgetting that toilet paper does not go into the toilet. Invariably, the first piece of toilet paper finds itself in the toilet before I remember to use the waste basket. I am expecting a horrible mess in the bathroom anytime. And I know I am the responsible one. I am also forgetting to use bottled water for brushing my teeth. When will the microbes begin to attack?

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