Wednesday, January 7, 2009

The Adventure Begins

Miami International Airport is huge, but after four hours between flights, it is difficult to resist a venture past security for some fresh air. My wake-up call was 4:00 AM, we traveled by van from Baltimore to DC Reagan airport and almost missed our 8:30 flight. Traffic was intense, and it occurred to me that we are returning the evening of January 19, and may not be able to get home at all. It will be the eve before Inauguration Day, and DC will be overwhelmed with visitors. We may be compelled to participate in the festivities.

But for now, Quito is a few hours away, our adventure has begun. The students are awake and energetic and eager. My nine year old daughter is plunging right in, asking their names, introducing herself, comparing her technological devices with them. She sees all sorts of opportunities for friendship.

My oldest daughter is at home taking care of the house, hopefully walking the dogs, holding down the fort. I have called my offices, taken care of everything that I can take care of over the phone.

This is the first step forward, leaving Baltimore behind, moving to another country, another culture, another world.

It is almost boarding time and we are off!

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