Friday, January 1, 2010


Morning Clouds

2010 did not start well. Today was simply a crummy day, which happens occasionally and ought not to have much import, but somehow, it being the first day of the new year, I hope it is not predictive of the whole year. Yesterday was such a happy joyous day, perhaps I was too delighted with being alive and with my family and being able to celebrate together. I fell asleep about 3 in the morning and was horrified to wake up by 8 and unable to fall back asleep. I took a long bubble bath, hoping that would help me feel better, but perhaps due to inadequate sleep, I could not discard the heaviness in my head. When I came down to breakfast, almost everyone was still asleep. Edouard had gone to bed early last night so he was up for a run at the crack of dawn. Maya was up playing on her new computer or ipod. Edouard helped me make French toast and Maya helped set the table. It was not until about noon that I dragged everyone out of bed to eat breakfast. Thierry walked from his hotel down the beach (Monica was ill in bed and never left her room at the pink hotel today) and joined us.

The plan was to return to Busch gardens with Max and Jason, who came over around 1 PM, but Maya fell asleep after breakfast and it was raining and windy and no one was very enthusiastic about going. After a few pinball games and pizza, Max and Jason left and suddenly the sun came out, albeit briefly, and I took advantage the brief moments of sun peeking through the clouds to walk in the sand and talk to Edouard.

Afternoon Stroll

Afternoon Grey

Tomorrow will be a big birthday bash for all those with birthdays in December, January or February, but mostly for my father who turns 90 on February 10. I made a Sacher torte with Lorna's help, but it was not a success, in fact it may be too much of a disaster to serve, so I will have to make another cake tomorrow which means I cannot go to Busch gardens with the energetic members of our group. Boohoo.

Dinner at a Bavarian Restaurant

Oma and Opa at Dinner

I am not sure why I am feeling so badly about the day and cannot find a way to overcome the discomfort. It may be time to fall asleep and hopefully tomorrow will feel better.

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