Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Back Home?

Oma and Maya with their Toes in the Sand

We flew back to Baltimore this morning, but it did not feel like home, and I wondered how I could ever come back to my former life. Initially, it was such a huge adjustment to leaving my work and my home and my habits, and then creating a new life in Quito, that now it feels impossible to return to all that was once familiar and no longer feels that way.

Wleft early to manage the crowds at the airport which never materialized, so we were able to sit and catch up on emails with our computers. Wifi is gratis at the airport, which is so very sophisticated and convenient. It was entertaining to watch Eric, Maya and I all pull out our laptops and start surfing the web and checking our mail. Maya alternates from her ipod to her computer to a book (she still reads books!).

Oma and Maya

Our flight from Tampa to Baltimore was easy, and when we arrived we at lunch at Miss Shirley's, which is always excellent and did not disappoint today. Baltimore was grey and unwelcoming, but when we arrived at Belina's house, the children were unexpectedly waiting for us. They had missed school today because they each were battling colds. Maya's entrance unleashed screams of joy and running around the house. They were very happy to see each other. The Benichous are icredibly generous and thoughtful and had a room set up for us and our five large bags and four baggage pails.

I am still recovering from the adieus of the last few days. We had two whole weeks to celebrate with each other, and somehow the time whizzed by and it is over. We have wonderful memories of many special moments. I believe that every one of the three or four families felt exactly the same way.


I am not sure what I expected with the few days we have here, but I did not expect this feeling of being disconnected from the eight years we lived in Baltimore. Has our time in Quito so changed us that we cannot return? I will have to see if this feeling persists or if it is just a reflection of having not slept last night.

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