Friday, January 22, 2010

Home to Stay

Ice Cream Dessert at the Hotel Plaza Grande

We slept in today until 6:30, but were pushed out of Sacha without much ado. The lodge works efficiently and effectively. The two and a half days feels too short but also feels so full of activity, one senses that we have been here much longer. I am not sure that we sense time accurately; we have been with the students in Ecuador for much longer than two weeks, or perhaps no time at all.

Gerard Catching up on Sleep

Floating Down the Napo River

I wanted to take my time on the walk out, and see the night monkeys on the way if possible, but we were on a schedule and were told to speed up, which we did. The three hour ride to Coca was uneventful, many of the students catching up on sleep. Maya had her nose in her book the whole time.

Morning Napo Ride

Birdwatchers at Coca Airport

Home sweet home; we can finally unpack, wash all our clothes (five loads done), have a warm shower, get into clean clothes, look out at Pichincha and pop some popcorn! Eric took the students to the Banco Central museum and the Artisanal Market to do last minute shopping. We met at the Plaza Grande Hotel for dinner and goodbyes and when this very delightful group of students left, there were lots of hugs kisses. It will be quite an adjustment to be by ourselves after camping out with 30 other people for two weeks.

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