Saturday, January 2, 2010

Embrace the New Year

Morning Calm

It was time to shake off my whiny mood and start appreciating the moment. The morning was beautiful, the sun shone, the sky was blue, the sea beckoned. Monica and Thierry, Edouard and Lorna, my parents and children and Eric and I enjoyed breakfast with a view of the sea and the sky and the sand.

Welcome 2010

Monica and my mother and I spent the day in the kitchen preparing the evening meal. It was a relief to have so much help, and although we wanted to get everything done early so that we could chill for the afternoon, somehow we spent all day cooking. Eric helped his brother with his boat, Thierry and Lorna and my father went to see the Ringling Museum, which is not a circus museum; it apparently has a great art collection. Tara went to spend her Christmas money at the mall. I love this kitchen, and this is the last chance to take advantage of cooking in such a wonderful space, so I did not want to miss it.

Only very late in the afternoon and evening, I dragged Maya out to the beach for a quick walk as the sun set. It was so very cold, but Maya had her favourite 'White Christmas' ice-cream at the 'Paradise Sweets' shoppe, while I warmed up with cappuccino. The wind was blowing as the sun went down and we ran and skipped and hopped to stay warm. The sun disappeared and we were the only people on the beach as it got darker and colder.

We had another wonderful evening eating and drinking and talking and enjoying ourselves. All the Richters and Maupiles and Fortunes added up to eighteen people! It will be the last time we will be all together until the next time, so it was special, and we celebrated my father's 90th birthday as well as all the birthdays in December, January and February.

Evening Stroll

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