Monday, February 16, 2009

Small World

We met Carlos, Carmen, Alejandro and Gabriel today at the One World Cafe. He and his family are living in Baltimore for a year and the children are going to the same school that Maya attends and interestingly are returning to Quito to the Colegio Alberto Einstein next year ( the same school that Maya was tested at and which we put at the top of our list). They are the same age as Maya but are a year ahead of her in school. They started in September with little knowledge of English, but have adjusted well and are enjoying Baltimore. 

Maya was very quiet and did not interact much with the twin boys. She was self conscious and worried that she did not speak Spanish. Everyone tells me that she will learn the language quickly and it will not be an issue for her. The school sent us an email urging us to have her learn as much Spanish as possible before she starts the year in Quito, so It will have to arrange for lessons or tutoring for her. Maya does not want to leave her friends or her school or her home or her ballet or her violin teacher or anything at all. She would prefer to have nothing change in her life. I worry that we are unsettling her, that it will be all too overwhelming for her, or perhaps I am thinking about my own feelings and concerns. I am reassured that if Eric and I adjust well that Maya will be fine too.

Tara came home to say goodbye to Pippi. She was horrified by his appearance, even though I had repeatedly warned her of his deterioration. I feel that it was important for her to see him to be able to let him go, so it may be time for him tomorrow. I see no reason to keep him alive any longer. 

Tara, Maya and I had loads of fun filming a movie. Tara has a project for her film class and carried home a camera and tripod, holding it tightly in her arms all the way from New York to Baltimore on the bus. She kept stressing the cost of the camera and was fearful of damaging or losing it. Maya played a leading role in the movie and took instruction well. Tara was setting up the shots and I was filming her. At one point I found myself in the movie as well. I can't wait to see the final product. Next comes editing and the soundtrack. The software for editing is impressive, and I believe I have some of the software on my IMac. I have decided that I must bring a movie camera to Ecuador along with a tape recorder. I must make movies and record sound along with writing a book, teaching at the university, organizing yoga retreats, teaching pilates, volunteering at charities....I will certainly have more than enough to do in Ecuador.

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