Thursday, February 19, 2009

Off We Go!

The yoga week in the jungle is materializing. The brochures will be designed and distributed soon. After our time in the  Galapagos next week, Eric and I will take a day to drive to Casa del Suizo and make sure it will work for the yogis. The tour company has also chosen  a place to stay in the north of Quito for the first and last night, and I want to be sure it feels right. 

My friends express concern that I will not be working regularly in Quito, and that I will be frustrated without a schedule or a purpose. I have no worries at all. There are so many possibilities. I may teach at San Francisco de Quito in the medical school and have sent my CV there already. I will help Eric organize his research station at Sacha and will take every opportunity to travel to the jungle. I would like to check out other lodges and take the trip along the Napo from Tena to Sacha. I have to provide photos for two books, so I will be photographing everything I see. I need material for my book and will bring a videocamera along to document and film. I will volunteer at CENIT in Quito. I must learn Spanish, and Quito has good Spanish schools, so that will be a priority when I arrive.  I want to see as much of Ecuador as is possible and plan to drag the family out every weekend to explore. Perhaps we will visit Peru as well; I have never seen Macchu Picchu. I will be taking care of Maya and Eric and that will take a chunk of my time. I am looking forward to living a very different life than the one I am used to. I hope to meet many Ecuadorians and have as many friends as possible come to visit us in Ecuador. I am sure there is much more on my list. 

I wish I could just wish away all the work and projects that must be attended to between now and our move, and just go, but for now, the house needs cleaning and organizing and prepping for sale, my practice requires alot of attention while I refer all my patients to other doctors and clean up the business loose ends. Maya needs to learn Spanish, we need to finalize our decision regarding her school next year. 

More and more excitement!

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