Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Jungle Yoga

I believe the Yoga in the Jungle experience is moving forward and we may decide to spend a few days in a lodge in the cloud forest as well as at the jungle's edge. Sid is serious about the trip and we are discussing it and organizing it. I am so excited about bringing yoga to the rainforest. My preference would be Sacha, I think that would be remarkable...but Sacha is unavailable in July and Casa del Suizo will have to do. Eric and I may travel there when we return from the Galapagos next month, to be sure it will work out for the group. I hope I can bring Tara and Maya on the yoga retreat as well. Tara is very good at yoga and Maya is a natural; she can wrap her body into a pretzel without much effort. I realize how bizarre 30 people twisting themselves into unusual shapes will look to the natives. They will wonder about us I am sure.

This year ahead is ramping up and becoming more real and more and more exciting. I was worried that there would not be enough for me to do in this new life, but my list is getting longer and longer and suddenly I have more projects than I think I can actually accomplish in the limited 24 hour days that are no longer on the equator than they are here.

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