Thursday, June 10, 2010

Bright Days

So Much Sunshine!

Today was such an incredibly gorgeous sunny day, very typical of most of our days during our year here in Quito. After being cooped up in Spanish class for four hours, I could not get enough of the sunshine. Amparo joined Eric and I at the Artesanal Market. Eric is deciding on gifts to bring back to Baltimore. I had already scouted out prices last week, and we had decided on booth number 143, where Jaime felt he could help us with the 'best prices'! Amparo checked a few more places to be sure that we were in fact getting the best deal, but I am sure there is more room for negotiation. Unfortunately, Jaime was not there, nor was Cecilia, his wife. His daughter told us he was at the 'colegio' where his other daughter went to school and we arranged to return tomorrow.

Walking Up Shyris

Eric drove off to Yanayacu to pack up his equipment and return within 24 hours. I convinced Amparo to walk back to Guayasamin Spanish School in the hot sun. First we negotiated the price of sunglasses for sale from $12 to $6. I kept insisting on $5, since I try not to spend more than that for any pair. The vendor tried to claim that since 'DG' had been pasted on the sides, that the glasses were worth more. Armed with my faux Dolce and Gabbana shades, we enjoyed the warmth and the rays. We stopped for naranjilla and maracuya juices and 'chifles' (plantain chips) and after saying goodbyes, I continued to walk from the Mariscal all the way home.

Gelato on the Corner

I felt emboldened by the sunshine, and did not feel threatened at all. The streets were relatively empty, but anyone I saw was taking care of their own business, and not paying any attention to me, so I breathed in the air (sometimes fresh and sometimes not) and soaked up the sun, and reflected on all the wonderful days we have had during our year in Ecuador, and how I will miss this sun and the view of Pichincha from my apartment window and everytime I leave my house.

The apartment is looking more and more empty (and I like it more with less in it!). I have packed a box of books and left them with Maria and Gabriel for safekeeping. Eric has stored some items in his office, and we have two massive bags to donate to CENIT. There are more piles and much more work, but I see an end in sight. We are to be out of the apartment by the 7th of July, and I have no specific plans with regard to where we will stay until we catch our plane on July 13. I want to enjoy and appreciate every day until we leave; we have more memories to create, and I have much more on my 'list' of places to see before we go.

Maya on her way to Ballet


  1. Maybe the apartment owner will let you rent for another week.. That's what I did when I returned..

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