Saturday, August 1, 2009

Big Day

Today was Maya's big day. But it was also an easy day. We took our time getting moving, made major decisions about hair after oatmeal and blueberries for breakfast, ran through her piece before playing 30 minutes with the Wii. When Marius is home, he starts with the Wii or iphone or computer video games when he awakens and does not stop until he falls asleep. And he is brilliant at all computer games. Maya really cannot compete, but today she had the Wii to herself, and enjoyed her 30 minutes.

I had to dash to my office to finally see my last two patients (I keep saying that, but I think this is it!) and then buy treats for the party, before picking up Maya in her stunningly beautiful dress she borrowed from Belina. Tara joined us for the concert, and Maya was near the end. She was absolutely amazing. She is so passionate about the music, and the audience is at the edge of their seats as she carries them through the piece. I cannot breathe and the room is silent except for the sound of her instrument. I am stunned by her performance. I hear every wrong note and rhythm, after working with her on the same piece for two months, yet she captures me again and again with the drama of the piece. I am so proud of her!

A surprise baby shower celebrates the October birth of Aurelia, Elizabeth and Jonathan's first child. Elizabeth has been teaching Maya for four years at Peabody and Maya played at her wedding two summers ago in Baltimore. There was a photo in the New York Times wedding pages with Maya front and center. Maya is very attached to Elizabeth, and struggles with saying good-bye. We know all the children from several recitals a year with Elizabeth, and we have listened and watched them grow together. There is cake and treats and gifts and hysteria and Maya and I say our farewells and explain that we are leaving for Ecuador in three days, and there is encouragement all around. But what about the violin? I keep explaining that we will find an orchestra and a teacher and stay on track. Maya wants to move to New Jersey to stay close to Ms. Elizabeth, and to be near New York City!

Tara arrived Thursday morning when Eric picked her up in Manhattan after she flew home from France. She is here until tomorrow, when she goes to DC to stay with her father and
fly out to see cousins in Las Vegas. She is not content to be home and finds everything about Baltimore objectionable. I remember feeling that way about Edmonton and wanting never to return after medical school, and ultimately I left and never returned. I am trying to understand how my mother felt at the time, and this experience certainly gives me another perspective. I am sad that Tara does not want to be here and participate in our lives.

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