Wednesday, August 5, 2009

And Off We Go

We got an early start today. As is usual, the night before trip, I stay up through the night finishing everything on my lists and making sure nothing is left undone. Maya and Eric fell asleep early, but my lights were out at about 4:30 AM, and the alarm 'boinged' at 7. We got moving quickly and the traffic to the airport was sparse. I misplaced my passport early on at the airport (sign of anxiety), worrying Maya and Eric and the skycap before I found it in my pocket. Airtran to Miami was easy. Miami International Airport was big and our twelve hour wait for our flight was long. Finding food, talking to my sister, reading books at Borders, getting our bags checked in, all smooth and uncomplicated except for when I misplaced my jacket and phone when going through Security and panicked again. All was found and Maya told me to 'chill', so we have been sitting at our gate watching our departure time get later and later, now four hours late so we will arrive in Quito tomorrow morning. We chose this flight because it saved us $300, but I am not sure the inconvenience is worth any amount. Maya was watching 'StarWars' and was perfectly happy while I was reading and getting colder and colder. We have tried to warm up with hot chocolate but that was a temporary fix.

Maya finally falls asleep on the floor while I try to sort out the Internet. I tried to buy it online and it rejected my Amex twice and then I used my Visa and later I discovered that I was charged three times for the same service. I wonder how to fix it, because when I call there are only electronic answers and the email address I hear on the phone does not work. Is this a scam or am I just entirely incompetent? People use this service daily, why do I have to mess up?

Miami is our introduction to South America. I only hear Spanish here, and everyone appears to be taking in the delay comfortably. So I am trying to chill. And not quite at ease with myself yet.

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