Friday, July 10, 2009


This is it! My last night in this house of mine. I will be up all night packing. I will make it, I think. What have I learned from this experience? NEVER pack up my house again. Hire a moving service. It is worth it. This was not the right choice. I have been using the most foul words I can remember to rage at my husband. What a nightmare. NEVER NEVER NEVER again.

It is almost over, perhaps another ten hours or so! I expect to catch a flight to Cape Cod tomorrow. I had originally planned to spend the week of my birthday with Eric and relax before I return to Baltimore to complete all the last minute stuff that has to be done. But Eric will stay another couple of days in Baltimore to finish up details. Most of what I can do is done. We have cleaners (actually he is called the 'househusband-- how appropriate!) who arrive tomorrow at noon and everything will look wonderful for our renters who arrive Monday. Whew!

The number of hours devoted to emptying out our house has been horrendous. I have learned to think carefully before buying ANYTHING. I need nothing. I have a storage unit full of stuff I don't miss or need or even remember. I am almost feeling free of my belongings, and that is a good feeling. I moved into my first apartment at 19, and all that I owned fit in the back of my red Mazda GLC. Would that I could own so little now. The house looks lovely with all the wide open spaces.

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