Sunday, July 26, 2009

Wasting Time and Money

It is so much more difficult to leave. We were planning to drive to Woods Hole this afternoon, but it will be the last time we see Belina, Marius and Julien, who are all flying to France on Wednesday, and we expect to be back from Cape Cod after they leave. Maya spent the night with her friend Sarah, and when I came to pick her up she was furious that she did not have enough time to play. This could just be the usual kind of reaction from her, except that everything is different now, and these are the last moments she has with what is familiar. I asked Maya where she wanted to have a going away party with her friends, and she insisted that it had to be at her house, our home that is no longer ours, that belongs to our renters, that is not possible to visit. I asked again and got the same answer and the third time was no different. I am trying to organize a 'good-bye' event next Friday for Maya, but most of her friends are out of town. We are halfway gone anyway, having spent so much of the summer away, in Canada and Woods Hole and Boston and in between.

After French patisseries and a game of Wizardology (just the beginning of a game), we said our goodbyes with the Benichous and dropped by my office for a short visit and were on our way. We did well until an hour out of New York where we slowed to a crawl and continued to crawl for the next three hours. When I could not creep forward anymore (Maya was fine, watched 'Star Wars' IV and V and fell asleep by 9), I turned around and drove back to Baltimore. Eight hours later (the plan was to arrive in Woods Hole at 2 AM according to my Mapquest directions), I am back in Belina's bed ( poor Benichous, guests that do not leave!!!!!) and Maya is still sleeping and will wake up back in Baltimore. Eight hours, lots of frustration, $40 in tolls and $20 in gas and $10 in food and we are back where we started. I wonder what the significance may be.

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