Monday, March 16, 2009


I have recovered from whatever it was that attacked me yesterday, so I think it was a Baltimore bug, which could just as well be an Ecuadorian bug. And I did not take the Cipro. Whew!

I spent the day getting my office in order. I am looking for someone to take each of my patients. Not all of them will suit one psychiatrist. I am urged to sell my practice, but I am uncomfortable profiting from patients in that way, it does not seem right for me although I know that physicians do it all the time. I did not sell my practice in Salt Lake City when I left and won't do it now. Of course I expect to be back in a year anyway.

I made a decision about Maya's school. I asked her which one she wanted to go to and whether the 45 minute ride each way morning and evening would bother her. She reassured me that she would do her homework and read in the bus, but I hope it becomes a social event for her. I am relieved to have made a decision finally, and will next start planning where we will look for an apartment. I like that we will be in Quito a month or two before school starts, which will give me time to explore places to live and take my time making a choice. When I moved to Baltimore, Eric and his parents chose the house, so it took years for me to feel it was my home. Now that we are leaving the house I am having a hard time letting it go, but I did not feel good in it for a long time after we moved here. I am relieved that I have participated and will continue to play a role in finding our new home in Quito.

So things are falling into place. I am looking at piles of clothes all over my room, urging myself to get moving and get the boxes organized. We have a real estate agent coming to the house this Thursday and I cannot imagine that it will be ready for her inspection. Eric is finally open to the possibility of renting rather than selling our house in a very down market. I am relieved that I will come home to a house that I own rather than having to look for a new one. We have an ad in the Johns Hopkins Gazette. Crossing my fingers for now.

I am listening to Maya play the violin. She is preparing for a competition in New Jersey on the weekend, and her Bach, which had been amazing a few weeks ago (she won a competition playing it) is very rusty. We are working to get it ready with a certain amount of screaming and upset. I have yet to find a violin teacher for her in Quito. I will think about that when I get there. We will have to find an orchestra for her too.

I am quite confident that we find what we need in Quito. Everything seems possible for us there.


  1. You will find everything you need in Quito. I can even help you with the violin teacher. My cousin is a musician and has a music teaching academy.

    Best neighborhoods to live in Quito are: Monteserrin, El Bosque, El Batan, Miravalle, Cumbaya and San Rafael

    You will love Ecuador because it is such a diverse and peaceful country. The weather, the colonial cities and the people are just fantastic. Nothing compares to the landscapes of the Highlands, the lush of the Amazon Jungle Forest, the exotic Beaches of the Coast and the mystery of the Galapagos Islands.


  2. You're welcome, Contact me before you arrive, to make the necessary arrangements in the music school. You will find my web site's contact form link at the bottom of this message.

    If you need help in finding a house for rent or sale I also have real estate friends who can help you with that too.

    Contact Form

    Eduardo (Zuri)