Friday, March 12, 2010

Proud Mama

Maya in the Paper!

I am very influenced by the students that take our course in January. They are technologically on the cutting edge, and this past January, the most popular electronic item was the 'flip' videocamera, and several students photographed the entire trip on their 'flip'. No more cameras or bulky camcorders! I was intrigued and decided that I too must have my own flip, so I had Debra bring one for me two weeks ago. I have brought it with me wherever I have gone but have never found an appropriate circumstance to use it until Maya's concert yesterday, when I recorded her entire performance on my flip. I was proud of her yesterday and today I was able to watch her again and again and feel delighted and impressed. Eric bought eight newspapers yesterday!!!! I opened the culture section and experienced the same feeling of astonishment to see her photograph.

Practicing the Dance

Today when I picked her up in ballet class, all her classmates ran to me to announce that she was practicing her dance for an upcoming performance and wearing a costume. There she was in her tutu looking elegant and feminine and again I am delighted with what she is learning. I came to Ecuador fearful that she would fall behind in school and violin and ballet, but in truth she is thriving and learning and growing. I am feeling very proud today.

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