Thursday, November 5, 2009


The city of Quito is rationing electricity. I did not realize this immediately when the intersection leading to Isabel's house had nonworking traffic lights and several policemen were directing traffic. Maya and I had a snack when we arrived at the darkened house, but when I tried to wash our dishes there was no water. Isabel explained that there is no water because although she has a cistern, it uses electricity to pump the water. Without rain there is no hydroelectric power ( I have been enjoying the warm sunny days!), so the city will have revolving shutdowns until there is more rain.

Isabel did not appear to be distressed. Perhaps this happens with some regularity.

I am not sure how the city will manage. Isabel has her business in her house and none of the computers are working, so I wonder if her company can function. Maya informed me later that there was no power in her school all day, but that it made no difference and school went on as usual. Both Maya's school and Isabel's home are in the north of the city, and we live in the central part where most of the businesses are located; I expect that the city will be paralyzed without power.

Coincidentally, Eric and I had a discussion a few days ago about what would happen to Ecuador without oil and gas. First world countries would likely have more infrastructure for alternative energy resources and would adapt more smoothly. Transport in Ecuador would likely return to horses and beasts of burden and lives would be significantly restricted.

Meanwhile, Eric was wondering if we need to purchase a generator.

Home Sweet Home

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