Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The Deluge

Dark and Gloomy Skies

Everyone is thankful for the rain pouring down today. No one misses a chance to exclaim that perhaps now that it is raining in Paute and the dam is filling up, perhaps the electricity will flow more regularly. I understand that usually it rains and rains and rains all winter, that it can become oppressive and cold and miserable, but I have not experienced that yet. It has been so consistently warm and sunny and comfortable, yet the cost of the wonderful weather has been the failure of the hydroelectric plant.

Rain is Pouring Down

When I saw that it had rained during the night, and that we had power in the morning, I was hopeful, until I ordered my cappucino next door at 'Boncaffe' and suddenly, the moment the machine was turned on to make my coffee, there was an odd noise, and the electricity was turned off at 7:58.

I decided not to acknowledge how ill I am, and ventured out today. I tried to stay focused on the subjunctive in Spanish, which was a stretch. I found myself woozy all day and my voice disappeared as the day progressed. Maya was better, but not well enough for school, so she had another lazy day in the apartment. Eric had a salsa lesson, so we went to watch him. We are both having lessons, but separately. I went for my first private class on Monday. I am absolutely loving it, but am frustrated that although I can manage the steps and the patterns, I still cannot move my feet and my hips and my shoulders all at the same time. I can move one of the three at any moment, but when I try to add the hips or the shoulders to the feet, I get all confused. It was entertaining to watch Eric struggle. The expectation is that with each of us taking our private one on one lessons, ultimately we will be able to come together and make progress as a pair. I am thrilled that Eric is agreeing to take on this challenge. Maya had fun watching both of us. My teacher from Monday came by to dance a few tunes with me, and I was thankful that I remembered what to do! If all I accomplish this year in Ecuador is to learn Spanish and the salsa, I will be satisfied.

This flu is brutal. I have lost my voice, have aches and pains all over, and feel generally awful. I am told the Tamiflu works wonders, so I am hoping that tomorrow is a better day.

Thanks for the Flowers

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