Sunday, July 4, 2010

Rain, Mist and Grey Skies

More of a Usual Day

Yesterday was unusual; today was more of the expected rain, mist and grey skies. My bathing suit was still wet from yesterday and from the humidity after the storm during the night, so I stayed in shorts and shirt and jacket while the children plunged into the surf, oblivious to the drizzle and insisting that the water was warmer than the ambient air. For Maya and Gabriel, a downpour would not have made a difference anyway. Maria and I walked along the beach to the north, where we encountered fishermen's shacks, caves, vultures and tide pools. We convinced the children to join us after they changed into warmer clothes, and they had their own adventure looking for oysters and mother of pearl. Maya wanted to know what she could expect to earn from her collection, and was not satisfied until I explained that after the shells had been incorporated into beautiful silver and gold jewelery, they would be worth much much more.

The sky never stopped drizzling all day. We played pool, UNO, cribbage, read books, swung in hammocks, ate more shrimp and calamari for lunch, and could not keep Maya and Gabriel from the water in the afternoon. I was surprised that Maya was not at all hesitant to enter the water, after her 'medusa' experience yesterday. Somehow the day rushed by and it was dark early. We decided to drive to Pedernales for the evening. It was a long drive on a very dark road with lots of speed bumps. We stopped again at 'La Choza' where I had shrimp with coconut sauce and Maya and Gabriel had pizza while watching 'King Kong' on the big screen. Driving home was spooky in the dark without street lights, but I think I fell asleep along with the children and we were suddenly at the gates and in bed.

I slept well in our tent, but Gabriel, Maria and Hernan were attacked by mosquitoes all through the night. Maya was eaten up as well. Somehow whenever I am with Maya the mosquitoes prefer her and stay away from me, so I was comfortable and well rested every night.

Hernan, Gabriel, Maria and Maya

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