Saturday, February 20, 2010

Peace and Serenity

Obedience Class at Carolina Park

I wondered today what it would be like to live in Quito permanently. We spent the day in Cumbaya, quietly, peacefully. Maria, Hernan, and Gabriel live far removed from the bustle of Quito. Once the second gate to their property shuts, one is surrounded by trees and flowers and birds and grass. There is a lovely view of the Andes to the west in the distance and a closer view of the pool and the tennis courts. I wonder if this is how we would live. I was so insistent on living in the city, close to the centre of the action, so that living any distance away was never a consideration. I wanted to experience the pulse of the city, and never imagined that I would want to hide away from the energy of city life.

But there is much to admire and understand about the need for tranquility and security. My impression is that many who can leave the city and settle in the valley next door, where it is warmer and safer and somewhat removed from the life I have become accustomed to here. Maya was thrilled to swim and play baseball and run after the dogs and did not want to leave.

Maya and Gabriel at the Pool

A Stroll in the Garden

I was initially puzzled by the need for high walls and electric fences and electronic gates, but I can see now that islands of serenity are created behind the barriers, that they shut out the chaos and confusion of the life outside. I enjoyed our escape today, it was a breath of fresh air, literally and figuratively, and I feel recharged. Where would I choose to live now that I know so much more about the city and the country?

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